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The Tower

The Tower Museum-Gallery in Veli Lošinj is established in a circular defensive tower built in the 15th century. The permanent exhibition presents glorious maritime tradition of Veli Lošinj as also tourism development, related to the arrival of Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria to Veli Lošinj at the end of the 19th century. On the ground floor there is a replica of the ancient Greek sculpture Apoxiomenos while in a Tower Gallery on the third floor many artistic and other exhibitions take place from spring to autumn.

Fritzy Palace

A historical Fritzy Palace built in the 19th century houses the Lošinj Museum together with the permanent exhibitions presenting Art Collections of Mali Lošinj – The Piperata Collection of Old Masters (mainly works of the Italian baroque artists) and The Collection of Croatian Masters of A. V. Mihičić (paintings and sculptures created in the period from 1916 until 1970’s). Fritzy Gallery with its year-round exhibitions program is placed on the ground floor.

The Archaeological Collection of Osor

The Osor Archaeological Collection is exhibited in the former Town Hall with the 15th century Loggia. It was opened to public back in 1889 and it has been one of the oldest archaeological collections in Croatia. The permanent exhibition consists of items which belong to the most glorious days of Osor history – Early Roman Empire: various types of amphora, fine ceramic dishes and objects made of glass and metal, collections of coins, portrait heads and parts of the stone relieves.