Visit / Accessibility

We apologize for the fact that the museum does not provide adequate access for people with disabilities.

The museum has no parking places.




"Etiquette for Dog Owners Inside the Museum"

Small pet dogs are allowed and welcomed in the Museum according to the following rules.

1. Small dogs must be on a leash.

2. Must be well behaved and respond to owner's commands with the minimum of "sit".

3. Pet entry is allowed with an adult who has paid an individual ticket. (No extra charge for a pet)

4. No pets are allowed on Group Tours.

5. The pet must be in a leash for the total duration of the museum visit.

6. The dog's owner is responsible to have made sure that the dog has taken care of bodily necessities (poop & pee), before entering the museum

7. The owner must have the necessary cleaning accessories (bag & spatula), and immediately clean the surface in case of an accident.

8. The owner bears all responsibility for any damage caused by a pet dog. 

The museum welcomes all our guests and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation!